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hellen Dec 10 '19

The types of silicone (TPE) sex dolls on the market are very rich, and there are a series of life-size silicone (TPE) sex dolls, so there are many choices you can make. The doll's height ranges from 100cm to 178cm, and it looks from huge/big breasts to flat chest, from plump to slim, from sexy to elegant. You need to know what’s the height of the silicone sex doll you want? Taller or shorter? What is skin color? Tan, white, natural? What is the color of the eye? Blue, green, black? What's the type and color of hair? Black, blonde, white, red? You need to make clear all the details of the silicone sex doll in advance.

Unlike girls, the dolls do not have a nagging problem. They are happy how you love them and never judge on how you perform. Even if you ejaculate early or face other sexual issues, the doll has no problem with it. As said above, she respects you like a true companion and is not offended or disheartened if you do not give your best in bed. With her killer looks and hourglass body, she rather motivates you to keep performing good in bed.Anxiety, stress and depression are the biggest enemies of human as they can completely ruin a person’s health.

One issue worth noting is the weight of the silicone sex doll, silicone sex doll's weight will increase with “her” height. Because you take a silicone sex doll home, you will definitely need to move “her”. You can follow your inner pursuit and choose the long-awaited sexy goddess in your heart. Quality determines how long will a lifelike sex doll last. One problem with cheap lifelike sex dolls is that their joints tend to become loose, fragile and soft over time. And the surface of the skin will not perform well.

This is why it is recommended to buy adult doll and make love to her. When you get close to her and involve in sexual intercourse, you move a step forward to improving your health. Further, when you start sharing your secrets with her and express your feelings to the doll, you start becoming happy, thereby helping you fight stress and anxiety. Everyone fantasizes to make love in unique different ways and you too may have several fantasies in mind. Hence, with a love silicone doll, you can make your fantasies come true. You can do everything you want with the doll and fulfill your sexual desires and fantasies.